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Apr 28 2009

Redbud ‘Lavender Twist’ Tree

Redbud ‘Lavender Twist’ Tree

This unusual Redbud tree blooms in early May. It is one of my favorite redbuds because of its very unusual characteristics. It is a twisting, weeping dwarf tree that only grows to between 5 to 7 feet tall. The redbud ‘Lavender Twist’ tree grows vigorously and is absolutely beautiful when in bloom.

photo courtesy of bluegrass gardens

photo courtesy of bluegrass


The blooms are a soft lavender pink, it’s leaves are large, dark green and layer the twisted canopy. This unique tree is hardy and the branches eventually zigzag through-out the entire body of the tree.

This tree is a beautiful specimen even in winter.

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Oct 16 2008

Arbor Day

Arbor Day

An Arbor Day Tradition since 1872

Plant a tree

Arbor Day is a holiday that encourages the planting and care of trees. The Federal date for Arbor Day is the last Friday in April. Each state celebrates Arbor day on different date. Why?

The date for Arbor day must coincide with the appropriate date for planting trees. Since each states climate may vary in the month of April, each state has its own date to celebrate by being able to Plant a tree.

Grover Cleveland’s Secretary of Agriculture was Julius Sterling Morton (1832-1902). Julian Morton was a man great foresight, he worked tirelessly at improving the condition of our agricultural techniques thus starting to take better care of our planet. He set an example himself planting shade trees, orchards and wind breaks on his own farm. He encouraged his neighbors to follow suit. More than one million trees were planted on the first Nebraska Arbor Day in 1872.

Today all 50 states celebrate Arbor Day. Other countries also celebrate their own version of the day. For example, Australia has its own Arbor Day, Japan has – Greening Week, India celebrates-The National Festival of Tree Planting.

To paraphrase one of my favorite quotes:

-the true meaning of life is for a man to plant a tree,
knowing under its’ shade he will never sit…

Julian S. Morton’s legacy will last forever by creating Arbor Day,

he increased awareness of the importance of trees. He knew the meaning of life-

Arbor Day

Statedate of arbor day celebration

Alabama – Last full week in February (Longleaf Pine)
Alaska – Third Monday in May (Sitka Spruce)
Arizona – Last Friday in April (Paloverde)
Arkansas – Third Monday in March ( Pine)
California – March 7-14 (California Redwood)
Colorado – Third Friday in April ( Blue Spruce)
Connecticut – April 30 ( White Oak)
Delaware – Last Friday in April ( American Holly)
District of Columbia – Last Friday in April (Scarlet Oak)
Florida – Third Friday in January ( Cabbage Palmetto)
Georgia – Third Friday in February ( Live Oak)
Hawaii – First Friday in November (Kukui)
Idaho – Last Friday in April ( Western White Pine)
Illinois – Last Friday in April ( White Oak)
Indiana – Last Friday in April (Tulip tree)
Iowa – Last Friday in April (Oak)
Kansas – Last Friday in March (Cottonwood)
Kentucky – First Friday in April (Tulip Poplar)
Louisiana – Third Friday in January (Bald cypress)
Maine – Third full week in May ( Eastern White Pine)
Maryland – First Wednesday in April ( White Oak)
Massachusetts – April 28-May 5 ( American Elm)
Michigan – Last Friday in April (Eastern White Pine)
Minnesota – Last Friday in April (Red Pine)
Mississippi – Second Friday in February ( Southern Magnolia)
Missouri – First Friday in April ( Flowering Dogwood)
Montana – Last Friday in April (Ponderosa Pine)
Nebraska – Last Friday in April (Cottonwood)
Nevada – Southern: February 28; Northern: April 23 (Single leaf Pinyon)
New Hampshire – Last Friday in April ( Paper Birch)
New Jersey – Last Friday in April ( Northern Red Oak)
New Mexico – Second Friday in March (Pinyon)
New York – Last Friday in April ( Sugar Maple)

North Carolina – First Friday following March 15 ( Pine)
North Dakota – First Friday in May ( American Elm)
Ohio – Last Friday in April (Ohio Buckeye)
Oklahoma – Last full week in March (Eastern Redbud)
Oregon – First full week in April (Douglas Fir)
Pennsylvania – Last Friday in April (Eastern Hemlock)
Rhode Island – Last Friday in April ( Red Maple)
South Carolina – First Friday in December ( Cabbage Palmetto)
South Dakota – Last Friday in April ( White Spruce)
Tennessee – First Friday in March (Yellow Poplar)
Texas – Last Friday in April (Pecan)
Utah – Last Friday in April ( Blue Spruce)
Vermont – First Friday in May ( Sugar Maple)
Virginia – Second Friday in April ( Flowering Dogwood)
Washington – Second Wednesday in April (Western Hemlock)
West Virginia – Second Friday in April ( Sugar Maple)
Wisconsin – Last Friday in April ( Sugar Maple)
Wyoming – Last Monday in April (Cottonwood)


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