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Jun 06 2009

Angel Love -inspirational poem

Angel Love

~author unknown

If we have faith and love
That we are in God’s care,
Then we can believe His angels
Are with us everywhere.

Guardian angels have been sent
To protect us from any harm,
And to teach us about love and peace,
And keep our spirits calm.

You’re so very special to me
Each and every day,
That I asked the angels to bring
A little more love your way.

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Apr 21 2009

Where We are God Is poem – Gertrude Blau Byram

Where we are … God is

© Gertrude Blau Byram

We do not need cathedral’s spire
Or stone-carved temple grand,
To worship our dear God above-
We can pray just where we stand.

We do not need the songs of choirs,
though beautiful they are,
We can sing our own sweet praises
as we travel near and far.

We can stand in fields of new grain,
on the desert, shore or glen,
Make our vow of sweet surrender
and begin our lives again.

With renewed life, love and spirit,
casting off our worldly care,
we can face each awesome challenge
Knowing God is always there.

© Gertrude Blau Byram

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Apr 21 2009

Whisper Jesus poem – Angela Murray

Whisper Jesus

© Angela Murray

Today I got a burden,
And I felt that I should pray
For God’s spirit seemed to tell me,
That you were having a bad day.

I don’t know what the problem is,
But I sure do know the cure
And if you’ll only let Him
God will keep you safe and secure.

In life there’s always problems
Cropping up to spoil our day
But my friend you know the answer
All you have to do is pray.

If you still feel you’re defeated
And you want to run and hide
Just reach out and I’ll be there
Standing right there by your side.

So remember, Whisper Jesus,
For He’s just a prayer away,
He’s so close that you can touch Him
All you have to do is pray.

© Angela Murray

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