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Jun 12 2011

A Cup Of Tea

A Cup Of Tea                                

~unknown author

When the world is all at odds

And the mind is all at sea

Then cease the useless tedium

And brew a cup of tea.

There is magic in its’ fragrance,

There is solace in its’ taste;

And the laden moments vanish

Somehow into space.

And the world becomes a lovely thing !

There’s beauty as you’ll see;

All because you briefly stopped

To brew a cup of tea.

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Jun 06 2009

Angel Love -inspirational poem

Angel Love

~author unknown

If we have faith and love
That we are in God’s care,
Then we can believe His angels
Are with us everywhere.

Guardian angels have been sent
To protect us from any harm,
And to teach us about love and peace,
And keep our spirits calm.

You’re so very special to me
Each and every day,
That I asked the angels to bring
A little more love your way.

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Apr 21 2009

Still She Writes poem by Karen Mooney

Still She Writes

© Karen Mooney

She sat alone at night
A candle was her only light

She wrote of her longing soul
And how the past has taken it’s toll

She wrote of loves lost and gained
Her heart has never been well trained

But still she writes what is there
And hoping someday she can share

She hears his voice late at night
She doesn’t even try to fight

She just sits with pen in hand
And jots down memories she had planned

Her paper wet from endless tears
From all the doubts and all the fears

But still she writes what’s in her heart
From her quest, she will not part

Behind, she’ll leave all the doubt
As she quietly blows the candle out

© Karen Mooney

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